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Janice Fleming-Gole, Morega Agency

Bringing it to Canada

Importing Your Favourites

Bringing clothing to the True North Strong and Free

Looking for one of your go-to intimate apparel brands, such as Hanky Panky, Munki Munki, or PIP Studios?


Finding Paris in Toronto


Finding Paris in Toronto, one bite at a time

When you live elsewhere for any period of time, you begin to see its likeness wherever it is

Winter Boots

Winter Boots


Pick up a pair of temperature-tested, weather-proof footwear just in time for winter

Although we appreciate a stacked heel and soft leather as much as the

Roxanne Lowit

Roxanne Lowit Launches Photography Book

Five Minutes with Fashion Photographer Roxanne Lowit

Delivering a backstage perspective of the career of designer Yves Saint Laurent

I walk through the large open space of the Steven Kasher


Made in Canada

Homegrown Canadiana

Three generations of textile industry right in Toronto

Tucked away in Scarborough is a one-story building that, only when entered, presents a sprawling and expansive workspace of ideation,