WMC Fashion Week

Vawk Spring 2013

WMCFW Vawk | Vawkkin Spring 2013

DOUBLE DUTY Vawk and Vawkkin Spring 2013 Proving that his styles are universal, Sunny Fong debuted a dual presentation for his companion lines Vawk and Vawkkin, a more affordable selection….

UNTTLD Spring 2013

WMCFW UNTTLD Spring 2013

ART HOUSE OF FASHION UNTTLD Spring 2013 The abstract took centre stage for the UNTTLD Spring 2013 collection, opening with an art film that married the ideas of darkness and…

Travis Taddeo Spring 2013

WMCFW Travis Taddeo Spring 2013

TWISTED SISTER Travis Taddeo Spring 2013 Bringing a grunge edge to World MasterCard Fashion Week, Travis Taddeo debuted his Spring 2013 collection that, though minimalist at heart, introduced unconventional fabric…

Arthur Mendoça Spring 2013

WMCFW Arthur Mendonca Spring 2013

SHAPESHIFTER Arthur Mendonça Spring 2013 Combining elegance and androgyny, Arthur Mendonça presented looks inspired by Taylor’s Technicolour Cleopatra leading to designs full of sharp lines, deep hues and luxurious fabrics….

Soia and Kyo Spring 2013

WMCFW Soia and Kyo Spring 2013

ESCAPE THE ORDINARY Soia & Kyo Spring 2013 Perfectly styled to meet the inspiration of escapist and traveler, Soia and Kyo debuted their Spring 2013 outerwear collection with feminine lines,…

Rachel Sin Spring 2013

WMCFW Rachel Sin Spring 2013

BUILDING BLOCKS Rachel Sin Spring 2013 Inspired by the Farnsworth House and her background in architecture, Rachel Sin presented a spring collection that reflects the complementary nature between structure and comfort….