The Day After Five Years



A note from the editors of FRM

When we first started five years ago, we were set on filling a void in the digital fashion space. It was meant to be a portal, bringing the latest thoughts and musings on trends, beauty finds, and culture with focus on the Toronto scene. There was no desire to be the next street photography or outfit of the day entity—what we found to be missing was a journalistic quality in fashion. And so we took to interviewing industry professionals, being detailed in product reviews, and eventually hitting the runway globally.

In this half decade, we’ve had the pleasure of having contributors who have launched themselves into amazing careers. Michelle is the Digital and Special Projects Editor at; Truc is the Senior Style and Market Editor at Flare Magazine; Carole is a Sales Communication Manager with Air Canada. At the same time, we have always been up for incubating young writers who had an eye for storytelling.

FRM was never any of our full-time jobs. The fashion industry and digital landscape changed faster than we would have liked to adapt; sometimes, we felt as though we were running too fast, our laces tangled as we scrambled to put one foot in front of the other. We never truly took a moment to take a breather and re-evaluate everything around us. And to be honest, we need that—a sabbatical.

This isn’t goodbye, but rather, it’s a “we’ll see you around.” We aren’t going off the grid; we’ll still be around on Instagram and Twitter.

Much love to all. Take 2015 by the helm!

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