Designer Alexandra Satine Handbags

Designer Alexandra Satine handbags


New designer Alexandra Satine works the art of the convertible handbag

At a time when most people are tightening their purse strings, handbag designer Alexandra Satine gives you more bag for your buck, and in more ways than one. The stylish and innovative line from Venezuelan-born Satine features several convertible pieces that include a smaller bag inside, or detachable clutch outside, to take the girl-on-the-go from work to wherever in a snap. The high coveted “Brickel” satchel doubles as an adorable waist bag and the smart “7th Ave” shoulder bag with removable clutch and chain. In rich hues such as forest green, chocolate, camel, slate grey and of course black, the New York-made, Italian leather bags will work with both your wardrobe, and your mood.

Available at Verve in New York and Delphic in Toronto.

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