Designer on the Rise Shay Lowe


FRM catches up with Toronto-based jewelry designer Shay Lowe

Big baubles and statement sparkle is what Shay Lowe Designs is best known for. The designer behind the namesake label attributes her inspiration to the “glitz and glamour of old Hollywood,” amongst other things. Lowe’s muses are icons of the period, such as Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, and she describes the women who wear her jewelry as “confident, sophisticated, and fashionable.”

Her business sprung from being a mere creative outlet for the self-taught designer, but has now grown to a full-time operation the past two years. Lowe’s pieces have been featured in Flare, The Toronto Star and Fashion magazine and earlier this year the designer was chosen by Swarovski Austria to create a piece for their international exhibit showcasing top and emerging talent worldwide. When it comes to the high-wattage shine of her pieces, Lowe says, “There is something about the energy, beauty and sparkle of crystal that I have an insane love for. It will always be the signature of Shay Lowe Jewellery. I love the haphazardness of including a multitude of chains and other elements to create interest.”

If you’re hoping to add some holiday bling this season with Shay Lowe Designs, click here for where to buy or to shop online.

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