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Our Five Favourite Fashion Documentaries

With the recent release of the Bill Cunningham New York documentary, we’re thinking it’s high time to call a night in and brush up with your favourite fashion-related documentaries.

1. Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008)—Taking you behind the scenes for an intimate look at Valentino’s life, the documentary showcases the designer as he preps his final haute couture collection. Available on for $14.99 CDN

2. The September Issue (2009)—Perhaps the best known and most talked about fashion documentary to date, The September Issue provides a glimpse into the magazine industry through assembling US Vogue’s all time best selling 2007 September issue. Available at Best Buy for $21.99 CDN

3. Lagerfeld Confidential (2007)—After three years of filming, Rudolphe Marconi finally gathered enough material to create a documentary that unveiled the inner workings of the influential designer. Available on for $23.99 CDN.

4. Yves Saint Laurent: His Life and Times, and 5 Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris (2002)—Directed by David Teboul, these two documentaries come together to examine both the designer himself, and his creations. Including current and past interviews, Teboul is able to provide great insight into the designer’s inspirations and life. Available on for $25.48 CDN.

5. Notebook on Cities and Clothes (1989)—For those interested in the Japanese avant-garde fashion that entered Paris in the ’70s through to the ’90s, Wim Wenders’ documentary following Yohji Yamamoto is worth a look. Availability dependent on Amazon affiliates.

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    I know it is almost impossible to make a top 5 list over top fashion documentaries because there are so many great ones.

    I had to expand and make it my Top 15 Must See Fashion Documentaries because I couldn’t leave out fashion documentaries such as: “Picture Me: A Model’s Diary” by Ole Schell & Sara Ziff and “Catwalk” by Robert Leacock.

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