FRM Chats with Brad Goreski


The celebrity stylist tells us about his book, Born To Be Brad

Amongst the bow tie and spectacle cookies passed around the Brooks Brothers on Bay Street in Toronto for the launch of his seven-city book tour, Brad Goreski, took a moment to talk to us about his new book, Born to be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far. The very personable Goreski exuded charm and had no problem cracking jokes. Asking him what differentiates his book from those by other notables in the fashion industry, he tells us, “The colour blocking,” followed by boisterous laughter.

“I would say it’s very honest, very truthful and authentic to me, and it’s not just a normal style guide,” he follows. “It has a lot of sense of humour, a lot of honesty and a lot of truth.”

Originally from Port Perry, Ontario, the book chronicles Goreski’s life from small-town boy to one of the most recognizable faces in fashion and is an inspiration to interns everywhere shlepping garment bags after his stint on The Rachel Zoe Project. “I want readers to know that no matter what obstacles you face in your life, that you can create your dream life. I feel like there were times in my life where I didn’t really know what I was going to do and had no idea how to navigate myself through the world, let alone the fashion industry, and through a lot of hard work and sometimes really hating myself, and sometimes not, I’ve managed to create an incredible life for myself and I wish that for other people,” he told FRM.

As for Canadians who are trying to make it big south of the border, Goreski acknowledges the nightmarish work visa process and advises those with big dreams north of the 49th to, “get a lot of experience under your belt and then make the move.”

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