Good Gosh Eyelash Beauty Toronto

Good Gosh Beauty Toronto BAT THOSE LASHES

Good Gosh Beauty is a destination worth searching for

Tucked away on College Street in Toronto sits Good Gosh Beauty. There, Lauren Kurtz, a professional makeup artist for television and film before she began the business, has since transferred her impeccable skills to focus on permanent cosmetics and lash extensions, which beauty spot specializes in. Kurtz’s walks each client through the process and pays extra attention to giving the details on how to take care of your new set of eyelash extensions, for an exceptional experience. Extension services are named after celebrities, with the au natural MacGraw (35 lashes per eye, $115) to the full out Kardashian (75+ lashes per eye, $275).

Good Gosh Beauty is also a one-stop shop for lash care products, including Lash Care Oil Free Protein Remover & Primer ($15), Lash Care Oil Free Volume Up Coating Mascara ($15), Lash Care Longer Life Coating Sealer ($15), which is free of oils and other ingredients that may break down the lash glue, helping to extend the life of your falsies. As for permanent cosmetics (starting at $300), don’t fear the heavy tattooed lines of the ’90s, Kurtz ensures a natural and subtle look to enhance what you’ve already got.

Good Gosh Beauty is located at 907 College Street (east of Dovercourt Road). For more information call 647-350-GOSH (4674), or visit

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