New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Trends

New York Fashion Week Trends


Top 5 Trends from New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

London Fashion Week may be well under way, but here were five stand-out trends that you won’t find anywhere else but the Big Apple!

1. Pyjamas.  Whether it is the robe or silk pants, the pyjama trend is coming out of the home and into the streets.

2. Stripes. Up, down, and side to side, lines are all over the place this season.

3. Brights. Despite the number of softened palettes and use of pastels, brights are still a staple in collections and make for great eye-poppers.

4. Overalls. Moving away from jumpsuits, it looks as though our favourite denim childhood piece might be working its way back into our grown-up wardrobes.

5. Bare mids. For those who regularly hit the gym, it’s time to show off your hard work.

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