Our Top 10 Do It Yourself Beauty Tips


Some tried-and-true beauty tips we’ve picked up from some fashionable friends

  1. Use a cotton ball or pad soaked in waterproof eye-makeup remover to get rid of that perfect red stained lip, says London-based M.A.C makeup artist Emily Mergaert. It’s gentle on your skin and takes away all signs of your favourite cherry-coloured lipstick. When finished, remember to apply lip conditioner.
  2. If you used a fake tanner last night for some added glow along with your LBD, and now you want it gone, try Le Tan Self Tan Remover instead of a scrub. Scrubs may make your skin a bit spotty.
  3. When spritzing your signature perfume, stick to spraying just your neck, your wrist and behind your knees. These hot spots are pulse points and the fragrance will last longer.
  4. Noticing bad split ends in between haircuts? Hide them by using a curling iron on your ends, suggests Tina Webster, hair stylist at Natural Solutions salon and spa in Toronto. The heat will help smooth them out.
  5. No matter what age, using a face cream around your delicate eye area is ok, just make sure it doesn’t contain glycolic acid and/or salicylic acid, as anything acidic is usually too harsh for thin skin. Even better? Invest in a good eye cream. When choosing an eye cream look for ingredients that help combat darkness, such as vitamin K which helps diminish bruising and Hydroquinone which helps lighten dark spots on the skin, or that have firming ingredients, such as vitamin C, which helps stimulate collagen, bringing out a firmer, younger looking complexion.
  6. “I would recommend washing your brushes every week, and any time you change products, to avoid bacteria buildup,” says Mergaert. “Wash them with shampoo for non-colour treated hair, rinse and lay flat to dry.”
  7. If your skin tends to become bumpy after shaving, try to shave at the end of your shower as the warm water will help open up your pores and will make your hair softer. Also, keep in mind that exfoliation is key, especially if you wax, or sugar. This will help prevent ingrown hairs and help keep your skin smooth and glowy. Use a natural loofah or a body mitt.
  8. If dark nail polish has stained you nails try rubbing a lemon peel on the spot. Also, always use a base coat when doing your nails at home. This is the best way to keep them healthy if you polish them often.
  9. Never use heat on hair without product, says Webster. FrontRow recommends Thermal Protector For Weak & Damaged Hair. Apply to strands before blow-drying your hair, but be careful to use only a drop or two, or your hair will feel weighed down and oily.
  10. A girl should never go without a jar of Vaseline, especially during the dry winter months. Use it to keep your lips, hands and even feet (try slathering it on your toes, then putting on a pair of fluffy socks before you go to bed) from becoming super chapped. Keep a small bottle in your bag and one by your bed. For DIYer’s, Vaseline is also perfect for stopping dark hair dyes from staining your skin. Just apply around the hairline, ears, neck, etc.


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