Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012


Top Trends from Paris Fall 2012

Our round-up trends from the spectacular season that was Paris Fall 2012

1. Post-Summer Cheer. The colour palettes for next season might lead you to wonder whether or not we’ve decided to bypass the winter blues and stay with the sunshine of summer instead.

2. Suits. Is being retro and hyper-feminine just not for you? No worries, Paris brings us back to a more androgynous woman outfitted in glorious pantsuits.

3. Over-sized coats. Large silhouettes for outerwear is the real must-have to stay warm.

4. Capes and Ponchos. Hand-in-hand win the notion of mystery, they also add an easy, yet warm and cozy, alternative.

5. Mystery. It was always said that a mysterious man is the most attractive of the lot; now it’s the ladies’ turn to see if it rings true the other way around.

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