Peptalash Eyelash Formula

Peptalash Eyelash Formula PEP RALLY

A new formula for eyelashes is set to up the beauty ante

Grandma Bilodeau (all 5 feet of her!) was always a strong presence in my childhood, never leaving the house without her beret in place and her cherry red lipstick applied. One of my main style and beauty inspirations, I’ve traded her obsession with lipstick for a need for the perfect eyelashes. Sometimes layering two mascara’s, as I have mentioned before on the site, I’d try almost anything for look-at-me lashes. Already a bestseller over in Europe, I was recently introduced to Peptalash, from the same company behind Nanoblur. Promising a boost in length by as much as 43 percent and volume by up to 40 percent, the Peptalash formula contains three clinically-proven peptides that work together to help lashes appear longer, thicker and fuller, in as little as two weeks. Now this, I’ve got to try!!

Peptalash, $24.99, available at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada.

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