Personalizing with Persona


Recently stopped by the Hazelton Hotel to preview Persona, a new line of jewelry that is a modern take on the traditional charm bracelet. Selecting from various lengths of leather cords or sterling silver chains to serve as a base for any one of the hundreds of charms allows anyone to create a personalized bracelet, necklace or earrings that can be easily customized by adding or swapping out new charms and beads.

The line includes nine categories of charms ranging from natural silver, Italian glass, Austrian crystal, enamels and Mother of Pearl, to create distinctive looks depending on your mood. Experimenting with the look of your Persona jewelry can go from wearing a single charm or by stacking it by the armload. The accessible price point (starting at around $15) makes us feel less guilty for impulsively buying a new charm to cheer us up on any given day. With hundreds of beads and new additions on a monthly basis, we think we may have found our new accessory addiction.

Available at The Bay and premium jewelry retailers across Canada.

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    Jeff, you are right on with this. And this is no easy message to rveiece if you are one of these people feeling stuck.You know firsthand that I know you are right ~ from being one of those stuck people myself. I got discouraged and ended up dwelling, spiraling, into a wah-I-still-can’t-find-THE-job pit. Well, I still don’t even have A job. At least not in terms of a paying career. But after some intense soul-searching, I’ve realized my job, for now, is to figure out those SPECIFIC interests and talents I have, just like you mention in your post, and how they are APPLICABLE to what I want to do/can do in my career. And, instead of whining and dwelling, I have a unique opportunity to build on my interests with my extra time and really find some concrete truths about myself instead of the vague BS. BTW, you are right. Exploring yourself makes you much more fun to be around than crying over feeling lost.Ultimately, I just want to give you kudos galore for this post. I only WISH I had figured this out a few months earlier, and that someone who really NEEDS this message reads your post and is receptive to it.Cheers, Jeff, to all the opportunities life has to offer!

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