Q&A with retailer Milli Gould

In Love with the Fall

Q&A with Toronto fashion maven Milli Gould

When you have been in the business for almost 50 years, you have major staying power, and proven that you know a thing or two about fashion. We spoke with style staple Milli Gould, owner of Milli boutique in Hamilton, Ont. and downtown Toronto, about her favourite things this fall, Canadian designers and more.

FrontRowMag.com: What are you overall impressions of the Fall 2012 season? Can you name three major standout looks?

Milli Gould: This fall has an old world undertone—from baroque to quilted prints. Fur is everywhere as well. The top three trends I noticed were fur trim on any piece, quilted jackets and multi-colour patterned blouses.

FRM: Fall is considered the biggest fashion moment of the year. What makes fall so special?

MG: It’s quite simply the longest season of the year, which invites more options to choose from. It is also the most pleasurable temperatures, warm days and cool nights; you can’t get bored with your selections.

FRM: Who are you favourite international designers? And Canadian?

MG: Lanvin. Alber Elbaz is where it’s at today. We have supported him for a decade. In Canada, we have always supported Pink Tartan and Lida Baday, recently Arthur Mendonça.

FRM: You have a few Canadian designers in your store. What do you look for in a Canadian designer? Is there anything that sets them apart from the pack?

I am attracted to previewing a collection that is distinctive. Lida Baday is the one that stands for minimalistic style, which ladies adore. Kimberly Newport-Mimran at Pink Tartan understands the shape of a woman and finds her own flair in prep.

FRM: What was your must-have item of the season?

MG: Dresses in any length are still strong. However, it’s the bag that is making the look, and size is not the issue, the colour is. There are many to choose from this season. We love the Valentino selection in bold red.

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    thanx milli for sharing your fashion sense with hamilton and establishing a fabulous boutique here; your contribution is greatly appreciated…

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