Retrospective Exhibition

balenciaga-retro LOOKING BACK

The Museum at FIT examines the distant past in its latest exhibit

Beginning May 22nd, The Museum at FIT takes a look at fashion’s recursive nature, bringing back past to present styles and aesthetics with its latest exhibit, “RestroSpective.”

Paying particular attention to the silhouette, the garments and objects, all drawn from The Museum at FIT’s in-house collection, highlight designs from Antiquity and lead up to the 18th century. Upon close examination, the references to the aesthetics of these artifacts, which include soft drapes and heavy Byzantine-like adornment, are related to more contemporary pieces, such as those of Madame Grès and Yves Saint Laurent.

However, the exhibition is not merely one of compare and relate. Covering the breadth of the past 250 years, organizer Jennifer Farley (with assistance by Lynn Weidner and Colleen Hill) examines the reincarnation of trends with the second part of the exhibit. Where the first portion of the exhibit draws upon references as a means of inspiration, the second half looks to the explicit recycling of gigot sleeves, for instance, and re-appropriation in present day. The exhibit will run through to November 16th, 2013.

*The Museum at FIT is open Tuesday to Friday (noon to 8PM) and Saturday (10AM to 5PM), and closed on Mondays, Sundays, and all legal holidays. Admission to all exhibits is free. The museum is located at Seventh Avenue at 27th Street in New York’s historical Chelsea neighbourhood, easily accessible by public transit.

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