Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffers


Revlon Crazy Shine nail buffers deliver high- impact shine to bare or polished nails

When you’re in between manicures, or crave some added shine to that perfect manicure, you need something in your kit to help you stay polished until your next appointment. Providing 400 percent shine, the revolutionary Revlon Crazy Shine nail buffer series creates a top coat like luster that lasts up to three days, promising to keep your talons looking glam. So, whether you’re at home, need an on-the-go fix or are travelling, help is always at hand.

It’s easy to use: Erase any ridges and surface irregularities on your nails, with a quick swipe of the buffer’s green sideon bare nails.  (This also helps stimulate blood circulation which in turn promotes stronger nail growth). Then turn the buffer over to the patterned side and polish your bare , or lacquered nails, to add high-impact shine. And the fun shapes (think small hearts and flowers for your purse or when travelling, and a larger tear drop shape for home), are easy to grip and ensure that you reach every inch of your nails, creating high-impact shine on all ten of your glamourous digits.

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