Sloane Fine Tea for the holidays

Sloane Fine Tea TIME FOR TEA

Tops on our gift giving list? Sloane Fine Tea, including their limited edition Celebration Medley

Earlier this fall, I was introduced to tea sommelier Hoda Paripoush of Sloane Fine Tea Merchants at a tea tasting in the east end of Toronto. Little did I know that before the hour was over, I would be enamoured with Paripoush, but also with the art of selecting fine ingredients to make the perfect blend (I seriously considered a change of career when I learned that tea sommelier was a job!!). Warm and knowledgeable, Paripoush is behind one of the most successful tea brands in North America, probably because she likens her job to a perfumer. And in a sense, she is more than correct. The About section of the Sloane website boasts that tea is about beauty, as told through the sense of taste, smell and sight. Not only did I walk away that evening with a lust for learning more about the profession (Canada is a leader in this arena!), but I instantly knew the two limited edition teas, Chocolate Mint, $22, (above) and Celebration Medley, $22, (below) would become favourites that I would want to gift to friends and loved ones. Being a quarter British, the love of tea is in my blood, and who can resist a red rooibos with hints of apple, orange and rose (Medley, which smells exactly how you would imagine a holiday tea to smell!) and black tea blended with Brazilian cocoa and peppermint. My go-to tea now that the temperatures have dipped, Chocolate Mint is like my favourite candy bar in tea form. Thanks to Sloane, my four-five cups a day habit is unlikely to wane anytime soon.

Sloane Fine Tea

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