Triarchy Fall 2012


Triarchy Denim Fall 2012

Finalist of the Mercedes-Benz StartUp last season, Triarchy presented their Fall 2012 collection of denim taking the initiative to use some theatrics in their opening. Three models (one male, two female) walked up the runway in only their skivvies, grabbing a pair of jeans from a giant pile at the start of the runway. As each model squeezed into their skinnies, the show began.

The looks were kept fairly slim, with grey denim front and centre. At the start of the show, most pairs stayed within the dark denim family (aside from one almost-oatmeal hued pair) and some of the women’s jeans verged on boot leg giving those hope who can’t pull off the ubiquitous jegging.

The colour was amped up toward the end with canary yellow, ox blood and burgundy. Not only are coloured jeans sticking around, but in an homage to last season’s Joe Fresh collection, metallic silver and gold jeans strutted down the runway as the show came to a close.

Triarchy presented an interesting collection that utilized colour and gave audiences a more visual performance than just your typical jeans.

Photography by Laura Berry.

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