WMCFW Evan Biddell Spring 2013

Evan Biddell Spring 2013 PERPETUAL BLISS

Evan Biddell Spring 2013

If there were a theme for Evan Biddell’s Spring 2013 collection “aMuse,” continuous movement seems to fit quite nice.

Biddell opened his return to the runway with an artistic film demonstrating both the elegance and frailty of beauty, both in the form of the woman and the garment. With wispy shots of flowing fabrics, it set the mood for Biddell’s pieces, which all seemed to continuously move, much like the models themselves, never leaving the runway.

Each look stood on its own, resulting in a collection that could suit almost any woman’s style. Some looks featured an almost kitsch colour palate while others seemed to be inspired by the Baroque trends of late.

What really stood out were his duo of pop-art pieces, which, like the artist, seem to break all the rules yet bring certain playfulness to the collection. All pieces were handcrafted by the designer and certainly demonstrate a volume of talent.

Photography by George Pimentel.

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