WMCFW Mélissa Nepton Spring 2013

Melissa Nepton Spring 2013 SEWN TO SUIT

Mélissa Nepton Spring 2013

Sleek and comfortable, Melissa Nepton presented her Spring 2012 collection beginning with the deep hues of the summer dawn and leading to the opulent colours brought to light by the afternoon sun.

With Nepton’s impeccable attention to detail, each pieces radiates visual drama with her precision and careful eye. Not only do the pieces flow and move easily, but they drape in such a way so as to continually highlight perfect angles and complement the natural shape of the clothes.

The looks screamed comfort yet in a sophisticated and innovative manner, invoking a sunny getaway.

With regard to her fabric choices, Nepton, “came up with noble and colourful fabrics to heighten the fullness of her designs, which for a first time include palazzo pants, full-skirt dresses as well as her signature tunics.”

With the small but exciting changes that Nepton has made since her last collection, we’re sure there’ll be even more interesting work coming from this Montrealer.

Photography by George Pimentel.

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